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  • Practical Experience: You will start teaching right away in our program, teaching a mini class and leading up to a full certification class, all with feedback.

  • Small Classes: Give you an opportunity to forge real friendships and get the personalized hands-on training that helps you succeed!

  • Comprehensive: The program covers over 30 beginner yoga poses, with a focus on proper breath, alignment, and injury avoidance. We also have guest speakers from around the world to enhance the learning process.

  • Experienced Instructors: Take every opportunity to know their students while providing the best in training, guidance, and insight.

  • Support: You will get feedback throughout the program to help you improve. While in the program we will help you find the area of yoga which is right for you and we do provide free career and teaching support for 6 months after the program is finished. We offer our graduates lifetime course refreshers at no charge to keep their skills sharp.

  • Affordable: This is the most affordable 50 hr, 200 hr & 300hr yoga teacher training program in Florence. Tuition includes everything: the program manuals and free as well as unlimited free yoga classes and any of our studios during the training program. We also send you in PDF anatomy & the history of Yoga books. 

  • Convenience: Get certified in 2, 4 or 8 weeks  You also get access to the program's assignments, so you can complete them - if you want - before the program starts.

  • Graduation: We don't believe in written test or having you stress out to pass the finals. Our " Final exam is teaching a Yoga class with other teachers from your course dividing the yoga class in four sections that smoothly flow together. We are all different and some people need more time to get comfortable in teaching, we offer 24/7 support during and after your training with whatever you need. Once your in our community your in safe arms! 

  • Planning to stay in Florence afterwards ? Great, if you feel comfortable we can put you directly to teaching in our studios giving you the best hands on practice you can get! 

Don't miss our next Teacher Training from September 14th-15th

Email us now to reserve your spot !
Next Teacher Training October 12th & 13th, One Weekend

We offer a 8 -Hour Reiki teacher training in beautiful Florence!

This Training is ideal for beginners as we offer a heart attunement to experience the Reiki flowing through your own hands.



  • Brief introduction to energy & healing

  • Self-care practices and meditative exercises to experience the 5 traditional Reiki Principles

  • Heart Attunement  - enables the Reiki flow temporarily through your hands.

  • Giving yourself, your family, friends, pets & plants healing

  • Grounding exercises

  • A Life Long Healing Tool!!!

A 10-hour experiential Training provides first-hand insights into this traditional Japanese healing practice.

Reiki is Japanese for Universal Life Force Energy and is an energy therapy that works with the body’s own remarkable healing capabilities. It helps to promote and accelerate the natural healing process and restore balance on all levels - physical, mental and emotional.

Sensei Mikao Usui, the father of Reiki, traditionally taught his students through contemplation of 5 basic life principles, and believed that this contemplation would bring about greater self – awareness. “The ultimate goal is to understand the ancient secret method for gaining happiness and thereby discover an all-purpose cure for many ailments.” ~ From Usui’s Memorial

An essentially spiritual practice, evolved into a very practical and easy to use, self healing modality, with the introduction of standardized hand positions, to enable the flow of Reiki energy evenly through the body and cells. It is this technique that contributed to Reiki’s spread in popularity outside Japan, into a globally followed healing modality.

This introduction to Reiki Training is one of a kind. It is tailored for you to experience both, the traditional contemplative methodology, through the 5 principles, as well as the more popular hands on practice. We offer a Heart attunement to facilitate participants to experience the Reiki flowing through their own hands, demonstrating easy techniques for self-treatments.

The Training includes Group Healing in small groups, sharing Reiki with one another for a deeper and practical understanding of how energy flows. A wonderful healing and relaxing experience, this is especially interesting for beginners as they can feel the Reiki energy sensations as they place their hands on others. It is a good way to feel confident that you can easily learn Reiki for yourself.

Next Teacher Training :

October 12th & 13th, One weekend, Florence Italy

Accommodation Optional. Early Bird discount ends August 1st

Don't miss our next Teacher Training from SEPTEMBER 13-14-15, 20-21-22

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Next Teacher Training September 13-14-15 - 20-21-22 Weekends Only
Or choose a One Week intensive September 21st-27th Florence

We offer a 50-Hour teacher training in beautiful Florence!

RYT 50 Hours Training Mastering Advanced Power Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation 

This course is Ideal for already certified yoga teachers of every style. This course counts as continuing education with Yoga Alliance. This course is not recommended for beginners or un-certified yoga teachers.

This training Can also be divided in 5 weekends meeting on Saturday 13.00-17.00 & Sundays from 13.30-19.30 Leaving you with a Yoga Alliance world wide recognized certification of Power Yoga vinyasa.

A total of 36 hours of Advanced Power Yoga & 14 hours of Traditional Indian & Balinese techniques of Pranayama & Meditation. The hours and scheduling for each course is different as the students decide what is better for them.

What will you learn ? We start off we a recap of understanding the Yogic breath and how we need to use it during our practice, reminding ourselves that yoga is not about completing a pose but our physical, energetic & mental state moving in and out of a poses. During the 36 hours of Power Yoga Vinyasa we will have the full understanding of the Anatomy of the body. Using this knowledge we will learn to teach a 45 min advanced Power Yoga Flow Sequence ( 30 min physical sequence & 15 min of guided pranayama and meditation).

Not only learning how to flow in and out of inversions and guiding your students towards a sincere meditation practice but learning how to teach them and safety guide your students to inner peace and success.

Planning to stay in Florence ? As always we offer direct teaching spots in one of your two studios for who completes our training allowing you to cintune learning while teaching!

Next Teacher Training :

September 13-14-15 - 20-21-22 Weekends Only, Florence Italy

Accommodation Optional. Early Bird discount ends July 25th.

We offer a 200-Hour teacher training in beautiful Florence & Brussels!


New dates coming soon 

Our 200-Hour RYT Teacher Training program is thoughtfully designed for anyone looking to deepen their practice, build the foundation for advanced yoga training, or transform lives through teaching. Students learn to teach a Level 1 & 1.5 power yoga Power vinyasa class, explore yoga philosophy and history, strengthen knowledge of postures and anatomy, and discover Sanskrit and Ayurveda. You can choose from 16 days intensive, 4 weeks or 8-9 weeks extended and one-on-one private trainings.

Our 200-Hour Curriculum uniquely blends the history and philosophical teachings of

yoga with the essential components of asana, anatomy and sequencing. While the

curriculum is stacked for an immersive learning experience, the delivery is hands-on

and personalized, encouraging a well-rounded approach to developing both your

personal practice and your teaching skills. The training is specifically designed to help


●Advance your study of asana (including proper alignment, benefits, and

contraindications of the physical postures)

●Understand the principles of anatomy and body mechanics

●Explore the science and art of sequencing

●Learn and practice hands-on adjustments

●See and interpret how energy moves through the body

●Use props to improve or modify a posture

●Cultivate your voice, both as a teacher and as an individual

●Build confidence through practice teaching

●Gain a broader understanding of yoga history and philosophy

●Learn and define the Sanskrit names of postures

THE 200-HOUR PROGRAM ​2 weeks intensive November 1st to the 16th​:

Monday through Saturday 9.30am 4.30pm

2 or more yoga classes daily at our studio

Graduates are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a RYT 200.

Room and board can be arranged not included with tuition.

200-Hour Program 2 weeks intensive Tuition

euros 2800

A deposit of 500 euros is necessary to reserve your spot 1 month prior beginning date.

Tuition must be paid in full by the early registration date to receive the discounted rate.​.




Silvana Alfonso & Giulietta Evans ( instagram:  ettas_yogaflow ) 

Next Teacher Training :

200hrs RYT Power Yoga Vinyasa Teacher Training Starting November 1st- November 16th in BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - 

200hrs RYT Power Yoga Vinyasa Teacher Training Starting October 26th - December 8th WEEKENDS ONLY

Accommodation Optional.

We offer a 200-Hour teacher training during weekends only in beautiful Florence!


Don't miss our next Teacher Training from September 28th- November 17thth.
Email us now to reserve your spot !

This program is perfect for people living in Florence and who can only commit to a spread out teacher training as we meet only on weekends ( Friday, Saturday & Sunday )

Next Teacher Training :

200hrs RYT Power Yoga Vinyasa Teacher Training Starting September 28th-November 17th in Florence, Italy.

Accommodation Optional. Early Bird discount ends August 1st


1 month or Weekends Only

We offer a 300-Hour teacher training during weekends or a one month program  only in beautiful Florence!

Don't miss our next Teacher Training from September 28th- October 26th 8th.
Email us now to reserve your spot !

Now that you have finished your 200 hour yoga teacher training, you may wonder what’s next. You’ve benefited from deepening your own practice and learning a lot about improving physical strength, body awareness, stress reduction, and the business side of being a yoga teacher. But you may find it hard to get a regular teaching position due to the number of other teachers with 200 hours of training in your area. Or you may wish to specialize your classes to focus on a specific population or type of yoga. We offer a 300 hour Teacher Training that will give you a 500RYT Yoga Alliance certification and help you take your practice and teaching to a more advanced level.

What is the difference between 200 hour training and the 300 hour training ?


The 300 hour training program is an advanced study that is done after getting your 200 hour yoga teacher training. It is the second piece towards getting a 500RYT certification from Yoga Alliance. Some studios and training centers do offer a full 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training as one course, but at The Yoga Connection we offer the 300 hours as continuing education after your 200 hour training.

During your 200 hour training you’ve learned yoga poses, asanas, pranamaya, and how to teach them safely to your students. In the additional 300 hours, you will deepen your understanding of how to work individually with your yoga students and learn how to modify the poses and adjust your practice to the unique needs of their bodies. We will get deeper into traditions, anatomy, spiritual energy, the power of the mind while strengthening our meditation. You will learn more on how to work with different populations such as seniors, pregnant women, and people with injuries or common medical conditions like arthritis, back pain, knee pain and more. With the additional practice, education, and training provided, you’ll develop the functional skills needed to use yoga as a therapeutic modality and gain a greater confidence in working with your students.

This program can be perfect for people living in Florence and who can only commit to a spread out teacher training as we meet only on weekends ( Friday, Saturday & Sunday )

We also do this program in 4 weeks made for our travelers who want to come to Florence for a short time get there training and potentially adding up to the 500 hours & continue there travels. 

Next Teacher Training September 28th- October 26th of 2019

Early bird ends July 25th - Accommodation Optional. 

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