What do I wear?

Wear comfortable, light clothing that allows you to move. Yoga practice is done without socks, and there are slippers at our Leopardi studio avaliable to use for free.

What should I bring?

You can bring a yoga mat, small towel, and a water bottle. If you dont have a yoga mat we have mats available to rent for €1 per class or €10 per month.

Can I eat before class?

It's always a good idea to practice on a light stomach - you can eat but we dont reccomend a 3 course meal beforehand.

What if I'm not flexible?

Flexiblity is not a requirement for practicing yoga - it's a result! There is no need to be flexible before starting a yoga practice - all you need is your breath.

How often should I practice?

Practice is personal to each individual! You can come to Italia Power Yoga as often as you like.

Can I store my mat at the studio?

Yes! Both studios offer mat storage for €3 a month with an unlimited yoga membership.

What classes are best for beginners?

Power Vinyasa 1 or Hatha are perfect starting classes for any practice at Italia Power Yoga. We also offer private lessons that can be a great place to start or strengthen an at home practice.

What do i have to do to apply for the free week?

TRY A FREE WEEK (residents only) All students need to have our membership UISP card ( 20 euro) and bring a copy or send of picture by email of the sports medical certification as required by the law to participate to our classes. If you dont have a doctor we can provide one for you.