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Choose between a variety of workshops that suit your interest - all prerecorded for your convenience! You get to choose when you start and end.

Etta offers the possibility to end your workshops as continued education with Yoga Alliance. 

Online Workshops & Training

Who are the teachers ? 

The teachers that will guide you daily through this online journey are Silvana Alfonso & Giulietta Evans ( Etta ).

What type of certificate will I receive ? 

Just like a normal Teacher Training your will receive a Yoga Alliance certification that is valid world wide for an extra cost or you can choose to receive a non Yoga Alliance certification for a cheaper price.

When can I start ? 

       Well, this is the best part. You can start & finish whenever you want. We give all students the time of one year to complete their studies & once you have graduated you will have three months access to all our our content. Every book that will be given to you is yours to keep!

Where do I study?


 From home or from wherever you like. All you need for this training is a computer, internet & a Yoga mat! 

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More Info

Why is an Online Teacher Training or Workshop good for me?

      This course is great for those who have a busy schedule and can't commit to Teacher Training. By completing the course online, you will have full access to daily videos that explain everything you need to know that you can play back an infinite amount of times.


There is also no rush. We give you daily assignments that you can choose to do when & how you want. We have weekly checkups where you will send us videos teaching what you've learned that week. You can take a break from the training whenever you need and resume when you're ready. We also give daily meditation, pranayama & yoga classes for you to practice with. 

The students learn how to feel their own body and slowly understands what is right and what is wrong. 

We avoid complete injuries or any misunderstanding when it comes to touching your students. 

The teacher becomes able to guide a class completely with correct wording which is considered to be a strong quality to have as a student & teacher. 

Anatomy Workshop

Have you been practicing for a while but noticed little to no improvement in your flexibility, posture, or strength? Those are the main signs that you are prating wrong. This is a 20-hour online workshop that will teach you the correct alignment & anatomy for all basic Yoga Poses to make sure you are not only doing them correctly but also teaching them correctly. 

No certification: $99

Yoga Alliance certification: $149


Flow & Sequencing

This 20-hour online Workshop is for Teachers who want to add more flow & creativity to their classes. It takes time to study and learn the trick that will allow you to shift from a boring Yoga class to having a fun flow in your class. We will also study how to create sequences & themed classes.

No certification: $149

Yoga Alliance certification: $199


Chakra Workshop

This 10-hour online Workshop is a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge about chakras. This course is for beginners who have little to no knowledge of the first 7 Chakras. 

No certification: $39

Yoga Alliance Certification: $89


Advanced Chakras 

This 30-hour online Workshop is for those who want to get deeper into the chakras and understand how to heal & balance them for yourself & others. 

Here, you will learn not only about chakras but what unbalances them and how to realize that you or people around you are unbalanced & how to fix it through Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation.

No certification: $199

Yoga Alliance certification: $249

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