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Ameriga Giannone

il 4 Aprile a Italia Power Yoga via della chiesa 36r, Firenze

Pilgrimage Within: a Journey of Embodied Meditation and Self- Enquiry.

AM 10-13 “Archeology of the Body”

PM 15-17 “Excavating Emotions”

Price for one session: 40,00 euros

Price for both sessions: 70,00 euros

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Ameriga (Ma Amritananda) will be offering a one-day retreat to share with us her reflections and contemplations after spending a few months in sadhana in India this winter.

The morning session will be a juicy Bhakti Prema Vinyasa flow, a slow-paced sequence infused with detailed functional cues and reflection prompts that give depth to the practice.

The afternoon session will be dedicated to interoception and introspection, through a themed Yin Yoga class with plenty of inspiration for self-enquiry and sharing.

Both appointments will be garnished with delicious music and kirtan. It is advised to bring a journal for notes and self-enquiry prompts.


Ameriga is the co-founder of Floripa Yoga & Kitesurf House, a retreat centre nestled at the beach in Sicily. Her classes are an eclectic blend of different styles of postural yoga with her own personal explorations.

She teaches a slow and deep vinyasa flow, infused with the philosophical underpinnings of yoga, tantra and advaita vedanta. She guides the classes primarily by voice and touch, inviting the students to find depth in the pose by exploring it, instead of “performing it” according to an ideal shape. She often sequences her flows in a mandala style, with emphasis on intentional movements, playfulness, breath work, and somatic embodiment.

The teachers that have influenced her movement practice are Shiva Rea (with whom she has completed over 300 hrs of trainings), Meghan Currie, Vinay Kumar (Pranavashya Yoga), and several Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teachers, starting with Gregor Maehle and Monica Gauci, who inspired Ameriga to study Sanskrit, yoga philosophy and anatomy. She has also trained extensively in Yin Yoga with Jo Phee, studying also for advanced modules such as cadaver dissection.

Ameriga, who is E-RYT500, MSc in Anthropology and MA in Yoga Studies loves to live by the sea, where she kitesurfs when she can. She is an avid student of eastern philosophies and Sanskrit, and loves to play kirtan with her band, the Bhakti Sisters.

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