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not only how to do handstands but also how to successfully teach handstands to your students.

Welcome to my 4 hour training on not only

Do you like handstands but still haven't found your balance and how to do them ? Maybe you know how to handstand but can't find the right way to teach your students without hurting your students ? Need new inspiration to bring your students towards a fast and easy success ? Or maybe you simply just want to strengthen your handstands ? Then this course is for you! I have put together a NEW technique on how to teach handstand bring success to all teachers and students, everyone who has training with me knows the magic power of this course. What we will learn: -Correct Alignment, Cues and Wording -How to notice and fix a wrong handstand -How to prepare and build strength for handstands -How to safely assist handstands -How to work with the fear of handstands -How to flow in & out of handstands -How to STAY in handstands and more! For all your questions contact me via facebook, instagram ( Ettas_yogalow) or at, +39-3468494354

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