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Advanced Power Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation 50 hours Teacher Training Florence, Italy

RYT 50 Hours Training Mastering Advanced Power Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation 2019 Florence, Italy.  This course is Ideal for already certified yoga teachers of every style. This course counts as continuing education with Yoga Alliance. This course is not recommended for beginners or un-certified yoga teachers. This training Can also be divided in 5 weekends meeting on Saturday 13.00-17.00 & Sundays from 13.30-19.30 Leaving you with a Yoga Alliance world wide recognized certification of Power Yoga vinyasa. A total of 36 hours of Advanced Power Yoga & 14 hours of Traditional indian & Balinese techniques of Pranayama & Meditation. What will you learn ? We start off we a recap of understanding the Yogic breath and how we need to use it during our practice, reminding ourselves that yoga is not about completing a pose but our physical, energetic & mental state moving in and out of a poses. During the 36 hours of Power Yoga Vinyasa we will have the full understanding of the Anatomy of the body. Using this knowledge we will learn to teach a 45 min advanced Power Yoga Flow Sequence ( 30 min physical sequence & 15 min of guided pranayama and meditation). Not only learning how to flow in and out of inversions and guiding your students towards a sincere meditation practice but learning how to teach them and safety guide your students to inner peace and success. ​ Planning to stay in Florence ? As always we offer direct teaching spots in one of your two studios for who completes our training allowing you to cintune learning while teaching!

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