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WORKSHOP Novembre 12 Wounds to Wisdom A transformational workshop on Overcoming Emotional Adversity

12 November 2017


Italia Power Yoga, Via Chiesa 36/r, Florence, Italy Cost: 30 Euros

*Members of Italia Power Yoga- 25 Euros. Register via email @:

This transformational workshop provides tools to overcome emotional adversity such as betrayal, guilt, shame and trauma.

* Are you carrying emotional baggage?

* Is the concept of self-love difficult for you?

* Do you feel victimized by something in the past?

* Do you want to let go of emotional pain or forgive someone?

Presented By:

Carmina Aguirre, MA, Human Services

Carmina has a background in executive leadership, psychological health, suicide prevention, sexual assault, and public affairs. Carmina holds a B.A. in psychology and a M.A. in Human Services. Additionally, Carmina is a Reiki Master Teacher Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Ordained Minister and Avid Traveler!

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