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Pranayama & Meditation Workshop October 29 from 14:00-17:00 25euro for italia power yoga student

Pranayama & Meditation Workshop October 29 from 14:00-17:00 25euro for italia power yoga students and 30euro regular we will learn how to work with our prana, vital energy, through the breath going through the following types of Pranayama and it's benefits:  -Kapala Bhati -Bhastrika -Bahya -Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadi: learn how to feel and balance the energy of the sun and the moon in your body.  -Inducing yourself into deep relaxation  We will work on breathing techniques that you can use for boosting energy, inducing yourself into relaxation, quieting the mind to enter into meditation and removing energetic blockages in all your body.   Contraindications: High BP, Stroke, recent abdominal or thoracic surgery, antipsychotic medication  Please come with an empty stomach (2 hours)  ***  The Art of Meditation    With a very unique approach, Fiorella introduces you the art of meditation. This is definitely not a conventional workshop, everyone is welcome and it's highly adviced to come with a beginners mind.   This workshop is for you if you: Wish to develop a meditation practice Wish to connect with your heart  Wish to love more & be loved  Wish to feel worthy and at your highest potential  Wish to live in harmony  Believe in the power of love   Beyond Time Yoga Fiorella Fuentes Instagram: @fiofuentesyoga  Beyond Time Yoga founder Fiorella is an E-RYT whose passion is to create the space for deep transformation through yoga retreats in the Sacred Lands of Peru.  She is fascinated by the magic that energy creates and complements her yoga path with Reiki, intuitive massage and ThetaHealing.  In 2015, she felt completely reborn in India on a journey that changed her life and initiated her on a beautiful path of self-awareness and love.  A passionate hearts traveler, she has been to over 25 countries sharing & learning all around the globe.

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