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TONIGHT - STASERA Enjoy a live concert with @sundari_aleph and @pranaforceyogabria while in shavas

TONIGHT - STASERA Enjoy a live concert with @sundari_aleph and @pranaforceyogabria while in shavasana after 7pm yoga class at Italia power yoga.

Stasera dopo la lezione delle 19 ascolteremo insieme durante shavasana musica dal vivo con @sundari_aleph e @pranaforceyogabria

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Sundari and Abria's music is the music of love, an ethno new age fusion of deep meditative vibrations, mantras, ethno shamanic and prayer songs.

With her voice Sundari channels ancient ancestral codes of the Earth wisdom and blissful cosmic light codes of the Universal Harmony and Unconditional Love. An experiential sound activation ceremony that opens a doorway to an altered state of time and space, producing awakened dreaming, where loving guidance of sacred frequencies takes us to a deeply relaxing, healing and harmonizing journey into the purity of our heart, depth and beauty of our spirit. We tune into the heartbeat of Mother Earth and creation. Eliminating mental illusions and borders between dimensions we reconnect with the Divine source of the Unconditional Love, we balance our energies melting in the ocean of Oneness where there is only love, life, harmony and peace. "Sound is the most potent force in the universe. The wisdom and guidance of sound is returning to Earth very strongly right now. Sound can create realities, destroy what does not serve us and recreate harmony. Sound connects the spirit and body, the cosmos, and the earth; it brings clarity to your mind and tranquility to your heart. Your spirit flys freely and overcomes the borders of dimensions so that you can reconnect with the divine source, melting into the pure ocean of Oneness, where there is only love, life, beauty and peace.” -SunDari Aleph

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