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April 9th 15:30-18:30 Mindfulness through movementContact improvisation Dance and Yogic practices Wo

Teaching description Benjamin brings an awareness of the subtleties in dance and movement practices through simple and playful hands-on exercises and games. We will work both with personal and partnering practices to explore different possibilities of body mind knowledge. The focus is about how awareness of what we do can help us release tension and resistance in the body. Related to dance, this can eventually lead us to feel more fluid and light in the body as we move. Benjamin is influenced by martial arts like Taiji Chuan and Aikido, as well as yoga and various dance practices.

Things we will do during the workshop. Moving up and down the floor with ease and release of tension. Circular movement patterns. Tai chi principles. Moving from the centre. Leading and following impulses Directing movement in and out of our centre. Giving and receiving weight to one another. Contact flying fundamentals. Open jam

Background Benjamin Lindh Medin has a background in many disciplines and art forms. He is a self taught chef, trained in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage with a degree in Contemporary Dance. Through his life he's been influenced by his father, ancient Yoga practices and living in different parts of the world practicing with many great teachers within both yoga, dance and bodywork. The main practice he shares these days is the focus on sensitive movement principles related to resistance and tension in our bodies and minds. Benjamin mainly works as a Chef at Nøsen Yoga Retreat Centre, Norway. He also gives oil massage treatments and teaches movement arts in various locations around Scandinavia and Europe.

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