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AYURVEDIC Workshop \ April 9th 12-15pm Lunch Included\ Pranzo Incluso

A spark of creativity: Become your own healer in the kitchen!  This workshop builds on Ayurvedic principles to offer participants new tools and knowledge, allowing them to cook in a healing way.  Imagine a day when you are really nervous and can’t stop your thoughts going around your head. Or a day when you just feel you cannot find energy. What if there was a way to eat and drink food that would calm you down when you need to, and spice you up when you’re feeling low?  During the workshop, we will work with easy to implement principles and home remedies to improve your day-to-day.  We will rely on easily available spices - ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and more - and combinations of food that you are already familiar with - tweaking them to give you, new inspiration in the kitchen, a happier stomach and a broader smile.  What you will learn:  How to make ghee, the ultimate Ayurvedic oil. How to make chapatti, Indian flat bread. How to make a fully balanced vegetarian Ayurvedic meal.

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