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50-Hour Teacher Trainings

Each of these modules is a part of our 300-hour TT program. All Training can be done in person or ONLINE.

This course is ideal for already certified yoga teachers of every style or students who simply just want to strengthen and deepen their practice with power yoga vinyasa. You will have a certification of Power Yoga Vinyasa which is worldwide recognized and counts as continuing education with Yoga Alliance. 

50 hrs Yin Yoga 

50 hrs Advanced Power Yoga

50 hrs Chakra Yoga Sequencing & Meditation   

50 hrs Kundalini & Tantra Yoga

50 hrs Mandala Yoga Teacher Training

50 hrs Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Please feel free to message or email us to brainstorm what training could be best for you or put together your ideal training studying a variety of things you are interested in.

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