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Elba Island Sail Boat Retreat 980euro

June 15th-June22nd & August 30th-september 6th

Two different retreats in two different weeks sailing around the Elba island to all the private beaches enjoying two yoga classes a day ( morning and sunset on the sandy beach ) Each day is dedicated a different chakra. Alternating with Power yoga & haha yoga vinyasa to start off our day and a chill Yin / Yin Yang & meditations to end the day.

Daily Program:

We start the day off with a beautiful breakfast & quick swim is optional.

We will then go to the private beach for our morning power vinyasa flow, breathing and meditation. ( every day a different private beach )

We will the spend the rest of our morning on the beach or walking through the small towns near by.

Before the afternoon we will sail to the next private beach stoping in local diving and snorkelling spots.

For the sun set we come back onto the sand for a Hatha\ Yin yoga practice embracing a different element and chakra each day. After our yoga class we will walk in the town to enjoy an optional glass of wine from local Beach bars.

If you have any other questions feel free to contact: classes will be held in English and italian depending on who is aboard.


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